Adventure Landing receives many requests for donations every day, and each request is considered individually. However, Adventure Landing does not fulfill monetary donations or sponsorship requests. Please follow these guidelines to help us complete your request in a timely manner. Thank You.

  • Donation requests must be received at least one month before event or time of needed item (s) to ensure processing time.
  • Donation requests are fulfilled two weeks before event or date needed.
  • Donation request must be on official letterhead from the organization making the request. The letter must state the name of the organization, name of event, purpose of request, distribution method of donation, date of event, full contact information, and tax exempt identification number (if applicable).
  • Discretion of what is donated and to whom is the sole decision of Adventure Landing.
  • Donation requests can be emailed, mailed or faxed to the Adventure Landing location closest to you.

*** To ensure requested item (s) by the date needed, we prefer for donations to be picked up. Solicitations by telephone will not be honored or will be directed to this page for instructions.

All donation requests must adhere to these guidelines or the request will not be processed.

Requests can be sent to the following:

Mailing Address:
Adventure Landing
1600 S. Stratford Rd.
Winston Salem, NC 27103


Fax: (336) 768-6497